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Core Services rendered by authentic baron of PM wares bring off by RVB Shorlube :

A range of Sintered PM products are available for PM processing by Press/Sinter PM, extrusion to semi-products or MIM. PM product range includes Automotive, Non-Automotive, Healthcare and Industrial products.


Trade Work Function

Benefits of Powder Metallurgy for High Quality, High Strength Metal Parts to Precision Tolerances:

In Powder metallurgy process where various powder metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, iron and bronze are compressed and then sintered (heated) to increase adhesion between particles. Material blending allows for a certain amount of customization of material properties to produce desired characteristics suitable for a particular application.

Application Of PM Wares In Railroad / Engine PartsApplication Of PM Wares In Domestic MechanismApplication Of PM Wares In Industrial MachineriesApplication Of PM Wares In Automotive