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Quality control

RVB Shorlube components are manufactured to comply with internationally accepted standards of quality (ISO/TS 16949) and specifications such as MPIF, SAA, BSS, ASTM, JIS, JSO using the latest in statistical process control (SPC). Fully equipped metallurgy and metrology laboratories ensure material conformance, tooling and product specifications are satisfied.
RVB Shorlube setup is under progress for being the world class metallurgy lab & Metrology Lab With ISO / TS 16949 : certification ( Target date for Certification - June, 2017 )

    1) Powder partial size analyzer
2) Sieve Shaker
3) Density Balance, Halls Flow Meter
4) Powder compressibility, Green strength testing equipments.
1) CMM
2) Counter Tracer, Profile Projector
3) Surface Roughness tester
4) Digital Air Gauge Unit
5) Surface Plates, Flatness tester.
6) Roundness Tester
7) All other basis instruments
1) Part Cutting Machine
2) Mold Making Machine
3) Mold polishing machine
4) Hardness Tester
5) Vicker Hardness Tester
6) UTM
7) Micro Hardness tester
8) Micro Scope
9) Metallurgical Microscope
10) Image Analyzer
11) Cleanness tester
12) Density Balance